Other commands

Journalctl quick reference:

journalctl -w = tail -f

To filter on a particular service, identifier, or PID:

journalctl -u postfix  

journalctl -t ident

journalctl _PID=123

To do a time-based filter:

journalctl --since 1 hour

    journalctl --since today

Since last boot (add it -1 for previous day, etc):

journalctl -b

When there is an issue (lockup)

Send commands directly to kernel by holding down Alt+PrtSc, then issue the following commands separately or sequentially R E I S U B (busier backwards)

R = reset the keyboard

E = send a TERM signal to all processes

I = send a KILL to all processes

S = tells kernel to sync

U = unmount all files systems and remount in read-only

B = reboot system

Find location of IP address:

> curl ipinfo.io/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 

Ubuntu Server losing resolve.conf settings after reboot

edit /etc/systemd/resolv.conf.d/dns_servers.conf accordingly

To enable Cyrillic in wine programs:

1) enable Russian in the locale.

Add or uncomment the following line in /etc/locale.gen


2) Run locale-gen

3) add the following to the wine command: LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 wine ........