In order to copy permissions, etc. but also prevent following symbolic links:

xcopy c:\old\somefolder d:\new\somefolder /E /H/K /O /X /I /B

(note that you HAVE to use the same folder name if you want that folder to exist in the new location)

/E – Copies folders and subfolders, including empty ones.

/H – Copies hidden and system files also.

/K – Copies attributes. Typically, Xcopy resets read-only attributes.

/O – Copies file ownership and ACL information.

/X – Copies file audit settings (implies /O)

/B - don't following links

/I - (through trial and error I discovered I really needed this option). Use the /i option to force xcopy to assume that destination is a directory. If you don't use this option, and you're copying from source that is a directory or group of files and copying to destination that doesn't exist, the xcopy command will prompt you enter whether destination is a file or directory.